Yaskawa Releases Variable-Speed Drive

Ergodyne Arsenal Gear Bag

Yaskawa America, Inc. has announced the release of its A1000 variable-speed drive. A single solution for new installations or retrofits, the A1000 has a design life that can last twice as long as previous generations. Compatibility with interior and surface permanent-magnet motors provides precision control and pro-duces up to 200% torque with or without feedback. The A1000 includes user-friendly configuration tools, including a multi-language LCD dis-play, parameter storage, application presets and a portable USB copy unit. DriveWizard® computer software delivers configuration, monitoring and trending functions enhanced by direct connectivity through the A1000’s standard USB port.

A significant quantity of control points are included as standard. For applications requiring more functionality, the A1000 offers three expansion ports for additional input/output, feedback and network communications, including DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus DP, Profinet, and Mechatrolink-II. Embedded application functions, such as proportional–integral–derivative control, droop control and function-block programming provide system-level control without the use of a standalone controller.

Energy efficiency is maximized with variable-speed control, and the A1000’s integrated DC reactors re-duce harmonic demand from the power system. All materials used in the A1000 comply with the directive for Restriction of Hazardous Sub-stances.

The A1000 drive is available in 200-240 VAC three-phase 50/60 Hz (up to 175 hp), 380-480 VAC three- phase 50/60 Hz (up to 1,000 hp), and 500-600 VAC three-phase 50/60 Hz (up to 250 hp) ratings. The A1000 is designed for use around the world and carries agency certification for all major geographical regions.

For more information, contact Yaskawa at toll free: (800) 927-5292, fax: (847) 887-7310 or visit website: www.yaskawa.com.

Magnalight Led-Alternative Lamp

Larsen Electronics’ Magnalight has introduced an LED alternative for upgrading or replacing standard incandescent bulbs in applications requiring Par46 lamps. The LED40W-PAR46 provides as much or lighter as most standard 100-W Par46 lamps, yet consumes only a fraction of the power. The lamp is available in several colors, as well as infrared. It provides versatility with both AC and DC operation capability, depending on the chosen configuration.

For more information, contact Magnalight at toll free: (800) 369-6671, or website: www.magnalight.com. 

Harmar Pinnacle Folding Rail

Harmar Mobility’s Pinnacle Folding Rail SL600FR is now available. With its patented power-fold design, the Folding Rail eliminates obstruction from doors or other objects positioned near the bottom of the stair- way, offering a solution to those who would otherwise be unable to utilize Harmar’s stairlift products. Stairlifts are designed with the lowermost end of the track extended beyond and below the first step of the stairway, allowing consumers to easily mount and dismount the seat on the stairlift carriage without climbing the first step. The Folding Rail adds the ability to be folded upward when stairlifts are not in use or when carriages have moved away from the lowermost step.

The Pinnacle Folding Rail does not require extra motors, cylinders, wiring or control features to actuate the folding track. This feature decreases the cost, complexity and power usage of the product. In addition, the Folding Rail is among the first power-fold rails with an intermediate charge strip on the track directly above and below the hinge to prevent batteries from draining when in the parked position. The Folding Rail provides quick installation with the SL600 chair premount option, smooth fold-down descent, accommodates any angle or size staircase, supports up to 350 lbs., is changeable from the left to right side of a staircase, and has passed 10,000 test cycles.

For more information, contact Harmar at toll free: (800) 833-0478 or website: www.harmar.com.

Elevatorarchitect Released

DigiPara GmbH has released Elevator architect, a plugin to create elevator models within Autodesk Revit software. The plugin allows Revit users to easily find the correct size and number of required elevators available for a specific building and import them into their Revit project. Elevator architect, available as a free download, is meant to simplify and enhance the design workflow as the placing and adjustment of single Revit families are eliminated.

Elevator architect was developed in close collaboration with Revit experts, architects and building information modeling (BIM) managers to enhance and standardize the design process for creating 3D elevator models inside Autodesk Revit software. Wizards support the Revit user in finding correctly sized elevators and professionally guiding them to the point of reaching an optimal 3D Revit model. Free optimized families, which include various types of elevators (hydraulic, roped-hydraulic and traction, with and without machine room) allow Revit users to create complex elevator groups within seconds. By exploring the key physical and functional BIM characteristics, all elevator data are instantly illustrated in the Revit schedule.

The current manufacturer library includes common global, European and American elevators from KONE, Otis, Schindler and ThyssenKrupp Elevator. There are more than 100,000 combinations of car sizes, payloads, heights and speeds available. With the integrated update service, Revit users who are linked to the Internet can be sure that they al-ways have the latest elevator types and dimensions available.

For more information, visit web-site: www.digipara.com.

Domuslift “Class A” Personal Lift

On last December 2010, TÜV Italia gave the hydraulic lifting platform DomusLift (manufactured by IGV Group SpA, Vignate – Milan, Italy) the energy efficiency “Class A” rating, according to VDI Guideline 4707, applicable to lifts. Measures were carried out for two DomusLift platforms, corresponding to the most frequently installed models and whose energy consumption are in line with “Class A” for lifts.

Thanks to its characteristics (noise -lessness, lightness and accurate de-sign of all mechanical and safety components), DomusLift achieved this prestigious international goal. This is the result of the company philosophy, inspired by energy saving and environmental principles. According to these principles, the lifting platform uses “green” oil, which is 100% biodegradable. The examined DomusLift has a rated load of 320 kg; nominal demand per year (365 days of operation) for rated values: 277.08 kWh.

The success of DomusLift comes from the continuous research by IGV of the latest technologies and design so as to create an original, versatile product, accessible to all: from solutions purposely conceived to help the elderly and impaired mobility per-sons at home, to luxury models for villas, shops or boutique hotels re-quiring a high level of customization.

For more information, contact IGV Group SpA at phone: (39) 02-951271, fax: (39) 02-9560423, e-mail: igvmail @igvlift.com or website: www.domuslift.com.

ergodyne arsenal Gear bag

Ergodyne recently launched the new generation of its Arsenal® Gear Bags, in addition to several other re-designed products, including small general-duty bags and an Arsenal backpack. The products feature durable materials built to withstand harsh environments.

For more information, contact Lindsay Herda of Ergodyne at phone:(651) 642-5862, e-mail: Lindsay. [email protected] or website: www.ergodyne.com.

Carlo Gavazzi Power Supplies

Carlo Gavazzi has announced the addition of its new SPP1 series of enclosed power supplies to its SPD Industrial DIN-rail and SPM low pro-file power supplies. Designed to be compact, the SPP1 features efficiencies up to 87%, resulting in more energy to the DC load. The SPP1 re-quires minimal power in stand-by mode and consumes only 0.3 W. It is designed to meet the Eco-Design Directive for Energy-Related Products.

For more information, contact Carlo Gavazzi at 750 Hastings Lane, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089; phone:(847)465-6100; fax: (800) 222-2659; e-mail: [email protected]; or website: www.GavazziOnline.com.

WAGO Lever-Operated PCB Terminal Strips

WAGO Corp.’s new 2706 Series printed-circuit board (PCB) terminal strips bring lever-operated termina-tions to compact electrical applications. Operation of the 2706 eliminates the need for tools and torque specs re-quired by traditional screw terminations. An Underwriters Laboratories/Canadian Standards Association 30A/ 300V rating and accommodation of conductors AWG 24-10 make 2706 suitable for inverters, power supplies and other field-wired applications.

Ranging from two to 12 poles, the 2706 provides a level for each pole. Lifting each pole opens a Cage Clamp® spring pressure unit that remains open for terminating multiconductor cables into the terminal strip. Lowering the levers creates an audible click, signaling that the units are secure. The device resists thermal-, vibration- and current-induced loosening common to screw-style terminations, eliminating preventive maintenance.

Pin spacings are available in 7.5 and 10 to 12.5 mm. The 12.5-mm variant achieves UL 600V certification. The 2706 is available with jumper slots for potential commoning via optional comb-style jumper bars. Additional accessories include test plugs and marker strips.

For more information, contact WAGO toll free: (800) 346-7245, e-mail: [email protected] or website: www.wago.us.

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