Company Spotlight

Small Company Is Big on Service

By Matt Irvin | September 1, 2019

ADCO Elevator Drilling has a growing reputation for innovation in the repair of borehole casings. Hydraulic elevators are known to be reliable workhorses of the vertical-transportation industry, but like any complex machine, they are subject to breaking down. Valves and seals wear out, pumps lose compression and fluid degrades due to excessive heat or other…

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Cutting-Edge, Service-Oriented

By Fred Landon | June 1, 2019

Virginia Controls has a 50-plus-year legacy of building state-of-the-art VT equipment, enhanced by a customer-first approach. Virginia Controls, Inc. (VCI) has been building vertical-transportation (VT) controllers for more than half a century. The decades since the 1960s have seen huge changes in elevator technology, and VCI has matched these improvements stride for stride. Over the…

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A Unified Vision

By Vantage | March 1, 2019

Vantage brings industry giants together under a single umbrella. Since its September 2018 debut, the Vantage group brand — an umbrella company over several major names in elevator manufacturing — has begun to appear in news items and announcements across various outlets. By bringing together these component makers, Vantage is streamlining the process for its…

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Meeting Challenges, Making Plans

By Shem Oirere | February 1, 2019

South Africa’s Wesant Manufacturing prioritizes training to lay groundwork for growth. As international and local vertical- transportation (VT) companies seek to improve the country’s technical and functional expertise, South Africa could soon have an increased number of trained technicians with relevant design, production, installation, service and maintenance skills. A number of lift and elevator companies…

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Finding a Niche

By Shem Oirere | January 1, 2019

Kenya’s ECL positions itself for growth by focusing on maintenance and repair. As competition for new-installation contracts intensifies in the African vertical-transportation (VT) market as a result of booming construction, local VT companies are shifting their specialization to niche maintenance-and- repair work, leaving the manufacture, supply and installation of new units to the international OEMs.…

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Ready for the World

By Elevator World | December 1, 2018

Longtime door-maker Meiller is planning an expansion beyond its European home. Historically, elevator door manufacturer Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH has served German- speaking regions of Europe from its home base in Munich, Germany. In recent years, it gained footholds and market share in other parts of Central and Northern Europe. And now? “Now, we are looking…

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Delaware Elevator and the NAEC Education Committee Meeting

By Ricia Sturgeon-Hendrick | November 1, 2018

Your author tours Delaware Elevator, visits a restored distillery and gets to know Salisbury, Maryland. Two months ago, David Smarte called about a National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) Education Committee meeting in Salisbury, Maryland, at Delaware Elevator, Inc., where he works as safety manager. All I knew about Salisbury was Delta couldn’t take me…

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Champion Elevator

By Lee Freeland | September 1, 2018

Busy, growing NYC contractor thrives on customer service, communication. “The NYC code changes and economy have had a positive impact on the company. The market is very good right now.” This is how 32-year-plus industry veteran Donald Gelestino began to explain the explosive growth of Champion Elevator, which he founded as president in 2015. Champion…

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Controlled Ascent

By Elevator World | September 1, 2018

Smartrise Engineering strives to be a force in the independent market. With a new headquarters and manufacturing facility in Texas and two key personnel moves, Smartrise Engineering, Inc., a leading provider of open-market elevator controller systems and solutions, is positioning itself to be an even stronger force in the independent-contractor market. Smartrise, founded by Gilbert…

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People, Parts, Performance

By Angela Baldwin | July 1, 2018

KONE Spares has refined its practices over time, but its priorities have remained the same. Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River in Moline, Illinois, the KONE Spares office and its location present a dichotomy of sorts. The modern eight-story office tower was the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design building in the…

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