Remote Monitoring Systems


By by Rob Wurth and Rich Madarasz | December 1, 2017

Remote monitoring revisited: new developments in an old concept by Rob Wurth and Rich Madarasz To those of us who have been in the elevator industry more than a few years, the words “remote monitoring” likely conjure up any number of things, including questions, concerns, intrigue and, perhaps, skepticism. While the concept of remote monitoring…

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New Infrastructure of Elevator Remote Monitoring System and Expansion of Services

By Shunji Takao, Ryouichi Sakai and Masaaki Yosh | December 1, 2017

Hitachi innovations improve response to problems and offer customers offsite access to displays and other functions. This paper was presented at Madrid 2016, the International Congress on Vertical Transportation Technologies, and first published in the IAEE book Elevator Technology 21, edited by A. Lustig. It is a reprint with permission from the International Association of…

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KEB Systems Show Promise of Remote Monitoring

By Elevator World | December 1, 2017

Company’s remote monitoring, IoT solutions enter the vertical-transportation industry. Many manufacturers offer a remote-monitoring option, which includes real-time system information such as car position, status, fault logs and more. This should come as no surprise, given the maturation of the internet, availability of cheap server space and an increasing number of networked devices. Slowly, elevators…

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Evolution of Monitoring Design

By Luc Hebert and Stéphane Dufour | December 1, 2017

Integrated monitoring in the modern building-management industry by Luc Hebert and Stéphane Dufour The world of elevators has evolved significantly over time, from hydraulic elevators to the first traction machines, the introduction of variable-voltage, variable-frequency drives and, most recently, machine-room-less elevator designs. Engineers have also spent a lot of time simplifying the controllers and wiring…

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Efficiency of Lift Maintenance Enhanced by Digitalizing Data

By Joey Tienhooven | December 1, 2017

Liftinstituut sees how customers want to gain an overview of their customer data via remote monitoring. By Koos van Lindenberg and Joey Tienhooven Various parties in the lift industry collect lift use, maintenance and inspection data via remote-monitoring systems in a digital portal. There is also a development of organizing lift maintenance based on this…

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Pixel Technologies Systems Improve Maintenance Response Times, Enhance Safety

By Matt Irvin | December 1, 2017

Australian company offers fully scalable means for tracking elevators and emergency communications. Australia-based Pixel Technologies offers clients solutions for remotely monitoring their elevators, escalators and emergency-communications systems. The benefits provided by these systems includes improved response times for both maintenance and emergency situations. LMS The Pixel Elevator Monitoring System (LMS) allows facilities managers and building…

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Optimum Uptime

By Kaija Wilkinson | December 1, 2017

Texas-based Kings III describes the evolution of its ORM service. David Bryant (DB), vice president at Kings III Emergency Communications, took the time to talk with ELEVATOR WORLD (EW) about the company’s Online Remote Monitoring (ORM) performance monitoring and event notification service, which it describes as versatile and affordable. ORM’s Elevator Monitoring Interrogation Tool (EMIT)…

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Transitioning to New Maintenance Strategies With Remote Monitoring

By Dan Bryant, Johannes Guntsch, Kyle Hendren and Christopher Pearce | December 1, 2017

Leveraging IoT in elevator maintenance by Dan Bryant, Johannes Guntsch, Kyle Hendren and Christopher Pearce Elevator downtime slows people and operations. Additionally, we find there is not enough information coming back about the current health of equipment in service. This creates daily inefficiencies for building owners and service providers. Increased operating costs and downtime affect…

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