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Guy Leblond

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Rémi Rodrigue, Alexandre Tremblay, Marc St. Arnaud

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Quebec City

  • 1255, rue du Blizzard, suite 100
    Quebec, Quebec G2K 0A1


418 871-6292



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Since its creation in 1985, Automatisation JRT Inc. has developed a solid expertise in the field of elevator controllers. Built using programmable logic controller technology, our controllers are distinguished by their reliability, as well as their ease of installation and maintenance. We only use proven and reliable industrial grade parts in our controls. Should replacement of a part become necessary, they are available directly at our parts counter or may be sourced through local distributors. Our flexibility allows us to tailor our controllers to your specifications, and to offer you any special sequences you may need. Our strength is our ability to offer you quality after-sales service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that our large product line has an important characteristic that makes a big impact in the lives of our clients: all our elevator controllers are non-proprietary!

Products and Services:
Simplex to Multi-Car Groups; Traction Controllers; Hydraulic Controllers; Battery Lowering Devices; LULA Controllers; Handicap Lifts Controllers; Escalator Controllers; Overlays; Landing Systems; Load-Weight Devices; Elevator Remote Monitoring System
Product Categories:
Computers, Software, and Data Management, Controllers/Signal Systems and Equipment, Dumbwaiters, Electrical and Electronic Devices and Equipment, Elevator Systems, Components, and Parts, Encoders, Escalator Systems, Components, and Parts, Soft-Start Controls, Switches, Hoistway, Tape, Selector Magnetic

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