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A screenshot of the lift app from Schmersal, which provides application-specific animations for products.

Encoders, software and advanced safety devices

Single-Turn Encoders for Gearless Drives

Gearless, or direct, drives are used in elevator technology for their high torque at low rotation frequencies and their smooth and silent operation. This leads to specific requirements for associated encoders: short control cycles with high resolution and reliability. Kübler states that these characteristics make its optical plug-and-play Sendix 5873 single-turn encoders in its “Motor-Line” series a solution for direct drives. Their fully digital open-source BiSS interface with 21- or 17-bit resolution and 2048 SinCos periods per revolution is designed for precise drive control.

The encoders are mounted on gearless drives for speed monitoring and commutation. Their tapered shaft (with central screw and screw lock) ensures a solid connection of the encoder and driveshaft. They also feature a stator or expanding coupling and a tangential cable outlet with an optionally preassembled connector for simple and optimal installation. The Safety-Lock™ design bearing structure is the basis of all Sendix encoders and protects against installation errors, as well as shocks and vibrations in continuous operation for long service life and reliability.


Application Finder App Released

Schmersal Böhnke & Partner has introduced its Lift Technology Application Finder, designed to help design engineers quickly select control components and switchgears on the basis of an animated lift shaft. The tool is intended for both iPads and Android tablets and is available at the Apple Store and Google Play Store, respectively. It can show design engineers which sensors, position switches, door locks and door contacts are most suited to specific applications, in addition to describing complex systems, such as the USB ultrasound positioning system or new bp408 lift control system. Varied video animations are available, depending on the complexity of the product or application.


Light Curtain

GAL Manufacturing Corp.’s ScanGUARD® light curtain, for both new installations and modernizations, was designed to deliver solid design, simple installation and low cost. The vandal-resistant device connects directly to GAL’s MOVFR and GAL Canada’s MOVFE door operators and will work on both side- and center-opening doors. It provides 63 nonparallel infrared beam paths and features a detection range of 0-6 ft. (0-2.13 m) in a slim aluminum alloy profile.

Steven Ort: (718) 292-9000, ext. 270

Compact Ultrasonic Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi now offers a new range of compact ultrasonic sensors, available in M18 housings constructed of thermoplastic (UA18CSD Series) and stainless steel (UA18ESD Series). They provide sensing distances of up to 800 mm, despite their compact thread length of 38.3 mm. Both digital and analog output versions are available. Digital negative-positive-negative or positive-negative-positive versions can be either normally open or normally closed, and support two different set points, providing a detection “window.” The analog output versions include 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC with positive or negative slope. A “teach-by-wire” function provides a simple means to set up the sensor parameters. Standard connection options include either a 2-m-long PVC cable or M12 connector. All UA18CSD and UA18ESD sensors are IP67 rated, have cULus UL508 approval, and can be operated with 10-30 VDC.


Software, Slim Safety Barrier

Adams Elevator Equipment Co. has released an improved Slim Safety Barrier® and software designed for Schindler and Westinghouse equipment that can:

  • Modify existing software to include layout changes such as the addition of new floors or alternate entrances or operational changes such as the addition of floor lockouts or light-curtain capability
  • Improve performance with newer release levels of operating software (Upgraded release levels are dependent on the equipment and release level currently installed.)
  • Replace existing software that may be corrupted

The software, which includes related technology for an emergency power-loss battery lowering kit, special and custom modifications, is engineered to improve overall equipment performance and reduce labor operator maintenance costs.

The Slim Safety Barrier is compact, lightweight and designed to fit easily into today’s smaller service vehicles. An expanded product line boasts barrier assemblies of six, seven, eight and nine 16-in. panel configurations. Other upgrades include added locking pins in the standard, 42-in.-tall models to improve overall stability, as well as an innovative, double-height 84-in. panel option, available in all four configurations. An alternative design features 31-in.-wide, 42-in.-tall interlocking ECONO panels.


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