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Alliance booth at United 2012 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This new joint-venture sets goals for success in 2013.

In March, after years of R&D, Alliance Elevator Solutions opened its doors in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. Alliance, a joint venture between Delaware Elevator, Inc. (DEI) and DL Martin Co. (DLM), was established to increase competition within the independent elevator company segment. DEI was established in Delaware in 1946 and is among the largest independent elevator companies. DML, also of Mercersburg, celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and is known for its manufacturing experience. At United 2012 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Alliance launched its first product, Advantage Hydraulic Elevator Package, a nonproprietary, model elevator package (p._). And, according to Alliance General Manager Travis Hall, the company is very happy with its results from the show. “We decided to ‘go big or go home’ with United,” Hall explained. “Everything seems to be falling into place for us now, so that was the right decision.”

Prior to the joint venture, Pete Meeks, president of DEI, hired Scott Simmons, an elevator consultant with 30-plus years of experience, to analyze DEI’s operations to see where it could catch up to the majors in terms of competition. After a few months, Simmons found DEI was not competitive in the model elevator market. In addition, DLM’s manufacturing company was set up for custom work; however, it lacked the equipment and resources to produce elevator packages in high volume. As a result of these findings, Simmons began searching for suppliers to work together under a contract to engineer a competitively priced elevator model that could be installed in less than seven days. Now, Alliance works with such suppliers as Draka Elevator Products; Innovation Industries, Inc.; Smartrise Engineering, Inc.; and Tyler Elevator Products, Inc.

DLM was one of the first suppliers Simmons visited in regards to DEI’s endeavor to expand. Hall, a sales engineer at DLM at the time, was in charge of spearheading DLM’s efforts to secure the new DEI business. After only a few months, both companies realized there was success to be had through their partnership.

Over the winter months of 2011-2012, Hall met with various contractors, mechanics, suppliers and business owners who might be interested in the elevator package. By the following spring, Hall had met with both DEI and DML several times, and it was determined that neither company had the manufacturing space or knowhow to take on the development of such a project. Hall then took the joint-venture idea to DLM’s CEO at the time and, after the partnership was official, he was promoted to general manager of Alliance.

Today, Alliance operates with five employees and utilizes resources from both parent companies. Engineering, project management and inside sales will be handled by DEI and DML until Alliance can support the positions, which, according to Hall, won’t be long, as the company was looking to hire as of December.

In 2013, Alliance hopes to launch two new initiatives: a machine-room-less elevator model and a modernization kit. Alliance believes it will see success, because it understands maintenance projects are a major revenue generator for independent companies. However, according to Hall, independent companies often must first install the elevator to be in connection for the service contract, which is why Alliance is allowing major suppliers to guide the new company.

Advantage Hydraulic Elevator Features and Specifications

The Advantage package is designed with prewired and pluggable connections, and serial-link communication between controller and fixtures. Additional standard features include a conductor numbering system and pre-cut traveler cable with termination plugs. With the mentality that time is money, Alliance also designed an online ordering system that enables customers to request quote or place an order (www.allianceelevator.net). “We believe that our strength lies in the principle that what is best for the customer is ultimately best for Alliance,” Alliance General Manager Travis Hall said.

The Advantage package is available with the following specifications:

  • In ground and holeless
  • Engineered up to five stops
  • Six different capacities, ranging from 2100-4500 lb.
  • Speed of 100 fpm
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