Asansör Istanbul 2013

A band announced the opening ceremony.

This event had record turnout and a truly international atmosphere.

The 13th Asansör Istanbul exhibition took place on April 4-7 at Istanbul’s Tüyap Fair Convention & Congress Center. It was certainly the largest in the series, having developed progressively since the first exhibition in 1992, when it was held in one hall in the center of Istanbul. It was not a truly international event in the beginning, but one could tell the key people in the sector had ambition and drive, so its success has always been clear. This year, attendance was recorded at 26,638 people from 72 different countries. 

The expo was as colorful as always, with flags, banners, floral tributes and LED lighting in the lift cars. As the final touches were being made on the opening morning, an enthusiastic band toured the exhibition heralding the opening in the main hall.

Istanbul Fair Organization Chairman Selahattin Durak’s opening address stressed the growing importance of Asansör Istanbul and the help AYSAD (Turkish elevator association) has given over the years. Durak stated how important the European Lift Association (ELA) Congress had been in the planning of the 2013 event, with it taking place the day before the exhibition. He thanked the expo committee for its efforts, as well as the exhibiting companies, associations and trade press. He reconfirmed that the event’s organization team is committed to its growth and development and will work hard to that end.

President of AYSAD Sefa Targit then welcomed all VIPs and guests to the opening event and explained how the Turkish lift industry and AYSAD would work toward a more significant role in the European arena. Targit had also stressed this ambition at the ELA meeting, and the commitment to developing an important role for the Turkish industry was clear. He also committed the ongoing support of AYSAD to Asansör Istanbul.

Targit then welcomed ELA President Philippe Lamalle to address the audience, who said in part:

“It is a pleasure for me, as president of ELA, to participate [in] the inauguration of the fastest-growing lift and escalator fair in Europe: Asansör. Three-hundred ninety exhibitors from 37 countries is quite a feat in just a few years. . . . AYSAD and the organizers of the fair have managed, in a few years, to transform their national fair [into] an international meeting point for the lift, escalator and moving-walk industry at the gate of Europe; they bring together Europe, the Middle East and the Arabic Gulf states, as well as Russia and the republics of the former Soviet Union. It is [in] a unique position to make this exhibition a great success and boost the lift and escalator industry in Turkey.

“The Turkish lift industry can be proud of its achievements over the last decades. Turkey has become a very important industrial hub and a major producer of components for the European lift industry, from guide rails to controllers and doors. Moreover, the pace at which the Turkish economy is growing makes us all jealous in the west of Europe, where the construction industry, especially, is stagnating. It is very important that Europe, with its five million existing lifts, modernizes its aging lift stock and ensures a harmonized safety level for all lifts. The contribution of the Turkish lift industry, particularly in areas such as safety issues under seismic conditions, is greatly appreciated at the level of the European Committee for Standardization and at [the] world level in the International Organization for Standardization.

“We will take advantage of our presence here in Istanbul, for our annual general assembly of the European lift industry, to visit the exhibition. So, again, congratulations, in the name of the European lift and escalator industry. I am sure the Turkish economic locomotive will help pull Europe out of the present stagnation. And good luck to Asansör 2013!”

Six halls were used for the 2013 event, with an exhibition floor area totaling some 28,000 m2. An estimated 400 exhibitors had booked space, and they came from more than 37 countries. The halls all had good headroom, and the stands were arranged with broad, carpeted aisles between rows, which allowed good sightlines and comfortable viewing opportunities. This is an important feature of the Asansör fair, and the committee insisted no enclosed stands would be permitted. National pavilions were also part of this exhibition, and they seemed to help with the logistics and cost effectiveness of the exhibition for many companies. The stands ranged greatly in size, with some being miniature exhibitions in their own right, displaying many different manufacturers’ products and often including full-sized, working examples. On the other hand, some stands were small kiosks, showcasing a manufacturer’s product or service specialty. Intriguingly, there were several stands displaying machine tools for lift companies wanting to upgrade their metal bending, cutting, fabricating and finishing capabilities.

A good deal of Turkish-designed and -manufactured equipment, with much more electronic-control equipment to be found alongside the expected traction machines, cars and slings, was noticed. Lift-car interior displays are always dramatic at this show and reflect the market needs of the region. It is also significant that many visitors who may find it difficult to enter Europe did visit this show. Your author expects this situation to continue for the next few years.

The products on the stands were predominantly lift components, rather than systems; however, there were complete lift packages to be seen, including a couple of belt-driven lift systems that created interest. Lift cars, door operators, geared and gearless machines, safety gears, hydraulic pumps and components, ropes, belts, control panels, guide rails, guides, etc. were all to be found, and it was clear companies had the intention of supplying these products to the large and still-growing Turkish lift market. The exhibition also catered to contractors, specifiers and supply companies operating in the Middle East and countries that lie around the Black Sea, Southern Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. Also, European installation companies were visiting, looking at the possibility of sourcing more products from Turkish manufacturers. There were, indeed, three Turkish-manufactured escalators on show, which, again, gave options to consultants and specifiers looking for equipment needed for larger developments and infrastructure projects. For the smaller lift project, there were several stairlifts and platform lifts.

All the materials needed to make or install lifts and escalators were much in evidence on the stands. These products included equipment designed, manufactured and supplied from around the world. Modernization products attracted attention from many professionals visiting the show. The equipment on display was in compliance with European Norm codes and directives. The products often clearly displayed the appropriate certification, using the Notified Bodies’ certification of them to add an element of credibility.

This event was a great success from many points of view and has moved the show to a higher level of expectation. While not about mega-high-rise, super-high-speed applications with the most sophisticated control, Asansör Istanbul meets the everyday needs of lift companies and provides them product options for the mass market. The Turkish lift industry and associations should be proud of what they have started, and your author looks forward to seeing what so many enthusiastic movers and shakers can do for the industry. Even more partnerships and developments are expected for the next Asansör Istanbul, scheduled for April 2015.

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