MRL Lift Design and Development

By Hongliang Liang | August 1, 2020

A firsthand account of the origins of the modern MRL by Hongliang Liang A technology breakthrough was announced in 1996: a way to locate a gearless permanent-magnet (PM) motor directly in the shaft to eliminate the machine room. Though the PM motor were to be small, it would produce high torque to directly drive the…

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Loewe Circular Lift

By Lee Dean | May 1, 2020

Careful redesign showcases bespoke panoramic lift. by Lee Dean When Loewe, the LVMH-owned luxury fashion house, planned a new flagship store on New Bond Street in London, developer Loewe Hermanos (UK) Ltd. and architect Loewe Architecture Dept. wanted to make a statement. Taking over the grade-II-listed building at 41-42 New Bond Street (which had been…

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Braking Capacity Requirements of Elevators

By Guangchi Liang | March 1, 2020

Outlining problems in A17.1 and EN 81-20 by Guangchi Liang Modern elevator safety highly depends on the elevator braking capacity. Braking failure will lead to car overspeed or unintended car movement (UCM) with the car door open, increasing the risk of death or serious injury to an unacceptable level. Of the more-than-6-million elevators operating in…

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Fulfilling the Potential of DD DCS

By Dr. Janne Sorsa | September 1, 2019

The double-deck destination-control system (DD DCS) combines two well-known approaches to boost morning up-peak traffic in office buildings and save building core space. This article describes the technical principles of elevator dispatching, on which Rick Barker’s article “Harmonized Elevator Dispatching and Passenger Interfaces” (ELEVATOR WORLD, November 2018) is based. Editor Double-deck elevators with DCSes are…

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Creep of Suspension Ropes

By Elevator World | March 1, 2019

An examination of creep property (not to be confused with slippage) as it works on suspension ropes This article focuses on the creep property of suspension rope. It analyzes its cause and properties, then discusses how to test the total creep of the rope. A reasonable amount of total creep is recommended for ropes on…

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Using Multiphase Drives as the Elevator Propulsion System

By Amir Bahram Daraei and Hossein Bakhtiari | November 1, 2018

Separately exploring use of a six-phase inductive motor and six-phase matrix converter in effort to boost reliability and efficiency of elevator drives by Davoud Karbalaei, Amir Bahram Daraei and Hossein Bakhtiari This article investigates the performance of multiphase motors for use as drives for traction elevators and shows their advantages when compared against three-phase motors.…

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Encoder Position for PM Motors

By Tony Heiser | August 1, 2018

How to troubleshoot and adjust the encoder to provide trouble-free operation by Tyler Pecha and Tony Heiser Permanent-magnet (PM) motors have become popular options in elevator applications over the years due to their increased efficiency and performance characteristics. Since a PM motor’s rotor is magnetized by permanent magnets, rather than induced, the variable-frequency drive (VFD)…

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Escalator Truss Design

By Elevator World | July 1, 2018

Numerical analysis of subsystems and passenger loads against the escalator truss in accordance with EN 115 is explained and demonstrated. Escalator trusses are manufactured for the installation of subsystems, such as the motor, gearbox and control panel. Every nonstandard truss deflection may affect other devices and decrease the life of parts and safety. Nonstandard deflection…

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Application Research of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Escalator Manufacturing

By Elevator World | March 1, 2017

An overview of associated technology in China, the world’s biggest escalator manufacturing location, and Chinese manufacturer CST by Wang Qibing, Leng Yonggang and Lee Yu Along with the rapid development of China’s economy and the vigorous promotion of urbanization, the development of escalator manufacturing keeps growing at double digits. According to data released by the…

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The Maximum Speed of Elevators

By Elevator World | May 1, 2016

Furthering ideas on “How Fast Could the Fastest Elevators Be?” Elevators traveling over long vertical distances at high speeds must be considered impossible. This advantage has been reserved by the laws of nature for horizontal travel. Having read with interest the article “How Fast Could the Fastest Elevators Be?” by Dr. Albert So and Ricky…

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