Components and Safeguards

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Communication products and protection for passengers and elevator cabs lead the way.

ADA-Compliant Phone Parts Kit

Viking Electronics offers a parts kit for an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant phone. Specifically designed to be used behind custom elevator panels or with custom elevator phones so they can match the elevator décor, the kits provide hands-free communication in the event of an emergency.

As part of Viking’s 1600A Series (analog) or 1600-IP Series (voice over Internet Protocol [VoIP]) of emergency phones, the E-1600-50A (analog) and E-1600-50-IP (VoIP) kits can be programmed from any touchtone phone. They can dial up to five programmable emergency numbers, as well as two central station numbers. All parts of an emergency phone, excepting the chassis, are included. They feature a “Call Connected” LED, speaker, microphone, printed circuit board, push-button switch and Braille label that can be integrated into custom panels. These kits can also replace faulty emergency phones already installed behind elevator panels.

Digital Call System

Avire Inc./Janus Elevator Products offers a new Digital Call System intended as a solution to a four-or-less-car group where either a reduction in number of phone lines or meeting more than 60 ft. of travel code requirements is required. Featuring TruDigital™ sound, it is intended for no more than four elevator phones and two Digital Master Station phones in a machine room, and enables a third phone in a lobby or fire-control room. Audio volume over longer wiring runs does not experience reduction.

The system is comprised of three components: the digital elevator phone (offered in different styles); the DCS4 unit (the “brains” of the system); and the digital master station (DMS), to be located at the lobby, fire-control or machine room. The DMS unit includes a digital hook switch to provide less wear on moving parts. Being digital, the DCS4 allows for more flexibility of configuration with future modules, which could include video features allowing the person answering the call to view the trapped passenger while talking. Messages can be visible on a display to trapped passengers to help them understand what is taking place, even if they are hearing impaired.

Light Curtain

Designed for the North American market, the Janus E200 water-resistant safety edge was designed to easily replace D200 installations and be used in any application. The safety edge is both IP65- and National Electrical Manufacturers Association 4x-rated, and contains 36 diodes that support 174 infrared beams. The receiver unit features a diagnostic LED for fault finding to decrease installation time and facilitate maintenance.

KEB Drive, Module, IPC

KEB America brought several new or updated products to United 2016. First, its F5W Elevator Drive features the new W housing, a product extension capable of running elevators with speeds exceeding 1,500 fpm. The drive shares all the features of the company’s F5 product line: compact design, integrated brake transistor, advanced error handling and troubleshooting, and integrated safety features. It is rated at 250 HP with 332 A at 480 V or 370 A at 400 V with a peak current of 740 A.

Next, the 120-VAC I/O Module is a new module that can be paired with KEB’s line of EtherCAT-based controls. Intended for elevator applications requiring nonproprietary programmable-logic-controller-based controllers, it offers real-time communication to every element of the input/output (I/O) level. Each module is 25 mm wide, expandable and can be snapped into place.

Finally, the new C6 SMART compact IPC with modular EtherCAT I/O system is intended to automate real-time applications. The IPC features an EtherCAT master and is capable of handling system visualization. It uses an ARM Cortex™-A9 central processing unit. When mounted on a DIN rail, the IPC with four I/O modules is smaller than 150 mm and provides 128 inputs and outputs.

Combating Graffiti in Cabins

Graffiti Shield offers a product to cover up vandalism. Its thick anti-graffiti film is designed to combat what the company calls “aggressive graffiti” from such sources as sharp objects, sandpaper, acid and shoe polish. To match the surface of an elevator cabin, all panels are measured, computer-aided-design drawings are made (and cataloged), and the coatings are made and applied. The company offers many different hard coatings, which are resistant to paints, inks and acids, and the film is removable. They can be clear for glass, or with a mirrored or custom color finish. Additionally, the company’s Metal Shield features an aluminum or a stainless-steel look with a special hard coat resistant to paint and acid. Normal panels can take less than 5 min. to replace.

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