Electrical Safety Handbook, 5th Edition

The book has been fully revised and expanded to conform to every current major electrical standard, including the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70E, IEEE 1584 and OSHA.

Thorough revision updates on-the-job electrical safety essentials.

by Lee Freeland

Greatly revised for the latest procedures and standards in electrical safety, Electrical Safety Handbook, 5th Edition by Dennis K. Neitzel, Dr. Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer and Al Winfield is an illustrated source of information the book calls “life- saving” and “practical.” Designed for the work environment, the 662-page hardcover covers important procedures such as arcing, shock, lockout/tagout, safe switching and rescue. Many types of personal protective equipment and insulated tools are outlined, as well.

Written in a format intended for easy use, the book details electrical hazards, safety equipment, management, training, regulatory and legal requirements, accident prevention and more. New sections include electrical grounding, heat transfer theory as it relates to the human body and the medical aspects of electrical trauma. Conforming to every current major electrical code, the illustrated guide presents up-to-date safety strategies in 14 chapters:

  1. “Hazards of Electricity”
  2. “Basic Physics of Electrical Hazards”
  3. “Electrical Safety Equipment”
  4. “Safety Procedures and Methods”
  5. “Grounding and Bonding of Electrical Systems and Equipment”
  6. “Electrical Maintenance and Its Relationship to Safety”
  7. “Regulatory and Legal Safety Requirements and Standards”
  8. “Accident Prevention, Accident Investigation, Rescue, and First Aid”
  9. “Medical Aspects of Electrical Trauma”
  10. “Low-Voltage Safety Synopsis”
  11. “Medium- and High-Voltage Safety Synopsis”
  12. “Human Factors in Electrical Safety”
  13. “Safety Management and Organizational Structure”
  14. “Safety Training Methods and Systems”

Detailed Glossary and Index sections round out the 3-lb book, available at www.elevatorbooks.com. Its writers form a team of electrical safety experts:

  • Dennis K. Neitzel is a certified plant engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the electrical field. He has served as a principal committee member for NFPA 70E standards since 1992 and is currently working on the revision of OSHA regulations.
  • Dr. Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer is a board-certified physician in general preventive medicine and public health. She is also a consultant to the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Committee.
  • Al Winfield also has more than three decades of electrical power experience, having conducted more than 4,500 electrical safe work practices seminars. He works for electric and electronic manufacturer Cadick Corp.
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