Emirates Hills Private Villa

Emirates Hills Private Villa
Mirrored finishes impart depth and opulence.

Private-Residence Elevators

submitted by Noor Fathima,
photos by Mohammed Muhsin, Toshiba Elevator Middle East

Swintoo Arvindbhai Mavani, managing director of Dimple Jewels DMCC, is one of the most prominent businessmen in the U.A.E. and India. When it comes to clothes, jewelry and cars, he chooses designer brands, the most precious stones and metals and a Rolls-Royce. The elevator for his villa in the gated community of Emirates Hills, Dubai, was no exception. That’s why he contacted Toshiba Elevator Middle East (TELME), for which — unlike other projects for which TELME is the elevator contractor — the company handled all aspects of the job from start to finish. The project began on December 24, 2020, and a taking-over certificate was issued on June 15, 2021.

This project was different from other villa projects, as it was executed in a fully occupied community. Special constraints were enforced by Emirates Hills developer Emaar Properties for the movement of materials and manpower, which required precise time management. In addition, the villa owner oversaw work very closely every step of the way. TELME Managing Director M.J. Mohamed Iqbal observed:

“One of the most significant challenges was that the villa was in built condition when we secured this project. The elevator hoistway was already built, and the concrete front wall was also already built. Modifications in the hoistway front wall were almost impossible, and our design team made special arrangements to accommodate the existing structure. The entry procedures to access Emirates Hills through the security gate were stringent. Hence, it required proper planning and precise time management. The team had to precisely manage logistics, safety and timing and perform frequent quality checks on the mechanical system, electrical installation and elevator ride comfort.”

The project involved very high-end finishes, such as glass for the door, which was done by one of TELME’s approved local vendors. The frame for the glass door was supplied by another vendor, and design and installation were coordinated with this vendor. Rose-gold, mirrored, stainless-steel cabin finishes were supplied from TELME’s principle Toshiba factory, and the utmost precautions were taken to avoid any damages within the critical installation completion schedule. Hence, planning and effective coordination was vital in this project, as the etching had to perfectly match with the glass and frame of the door. This took much engineering and many mockups before the team could present the final product.

Since the landing and car doors were manufactured locally, TELME had to rely on its internal quality assurance and control team members, who checked door components and parts, their location and installation and the alignment and smoothness of door operation before the system was handed over to the customer. Prior to handover, the system was certified by a third-party elevator consultant.

Traversing three floors, the elevator not only boasts performance that Mavani compared to “riding comfort like a butterfly feel” — thanks to precise alignments and adjustments of the TELME technical crew — but also these aesthetic features:

  • Rose-gold, mirrored stainless-steel cabin finish
  • Glass cabin doors with frames of rose-gold, mirror-polished stainless steel with an etched pattern
  • Ceiling car operating panel
  • Hall indicator buttons in square and rectangular shapes

Installation was carried out with proper scaffolding with certification. Winches and a hoist were installed in the hoistway for logistics movement. Due to critical overheads, shifting of the machines was done using special tools and jigs. The client directed TELME to pay the closest attention to not only finishes and design, but safety and standards. The installation adheres to EN standards, and TELME’s safety procedures were supervised by the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health and OSHA qualified personnel.

“We would definitely say the elevator added value to the luxury villa aesthetically and in terms of quality,” Iqbal said. “Everything about this elevator is a reflection of our valuable client’s choice.”

Kudos go to the TELME installation and operations team that consisted of Fazel Ebrahim, general manager, field operations; Mohamed Ibrahim, assistant general manager, installations; Jarith Kader, area manager; Irwin Gandhi, project engineer; and Mr. Samih, site engineer.

Iqbal said, “This project is a perfect example of the saying, ‘Price is what you pay; value is what you get.’” He added that the client understands the importance of maintenance of the unit and that the doors of his private residence are open for the maintenance crew to come and service the unit every month.


Capacity: 8 persons/630 kg
Door opening: Center
Speed: 1 m/s
Stops: 3 (all opening)

Significance of Villas in Dubai

TELME has installed many private-villa elevators in Dubai, one of the most happening locations in the world with a burgeoning housing market. Official Dubai housing supply for 2021 points to a total of 452,278 apartments, of which 106,222 are high-end villas.

An important part of the Dubai economy is tourism. The city is full of tourist attractions. The other important sectors are trade, various industries and business services. The fact that new real estate projects and accommodation facilities such as hotels are being erected means the city’s tourism industry is thriving.

In 2016, Dubai formed the Ministry of Happiness aimed at coming up with new programs and policies that would play a crucial role in improving the levels of happiness among people living in Dubai. The real estate market of Dubai is getting better even as the population is increasing. This has almost become a yearly trend. Investors realize the value of purchasing property in Dubai to keep up with an increasing demand for rentals.

One of the major advantages for property owners in Dubai is the low crime rate. The likelihood of even minor crimes is negligible. Even if one leaves their wallet in the car on full display, chances are good that it will not be stolen.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of investing in the Dubai real estate market is property owners do not have to pay taxes. This includes both residential and commercial properties.


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