Lighted Push-Button Switch With Added Options


Electro-Mech Components, Inc. (EMC), has expanded its SW44895 quad-lamp push-button switch to include multiple options, such as a rubber dust-boot panel and enlarged lens, to meet industry requirements. Offering dual- and quad-lighted displays in a range of switch functions, the SW44895 units can be singly used in place of up to four individual switches, thereby reducing panel mounting requirements by up to 75%. Available in a variety of different lens caps, legend and filter materials, the unit is capable of display configurations in split, quad or full segments, and can provide both continuous visible and hidden legends that become visible when switch functions are activated. Press-on secure lens caps are available in a variety of materials for front-panel installations.

The SW44895 installs from the front of the panel and attaches via a mounting sleeve that retains the switch housing, fitting into an industry-standard 0.698-sq.-in.-hole. With easy lamp or LED replacement from the front, the unit accepts both T-1 (3-mm) sub-midget, flange-based LEDs and lamps with various switch actions.

Performance specifications for SW44895 (from Series 644-2100) lighted push-button switches are led by an extended-life capability of 100,000 minimum actuations. Ratings are 2.0-A resistive, 0.5-A inductive with operating pressure of 2 lb. (+/- 1 lb.) and plunger travel of 0.187 in. Lamp circuits are independent. Lens protrusion is 0.250 standard, and interconnect is provided with standard EMC solder lugs and accepts 20AWG wiring. PC pin terminals are available. The switch housing requires less than 3 in. behind the display panel. The unit is designed to meet applicable military and commercial standards and is rated to IP64 protection standards.

For more information, contact Terry Trumbull at phone: (626) 422-7180, ext. 12; e-mail: Terry@electromechcomp.com or website: www.electromechcomp.com.

Color Tft Lcd Touchscreens

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the launch of an upgraded line of touch panels. Sales of the 15-in. XGA and 19-in. SXGA color thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal-display (TFT LCD) modules with touch panels the company calls “intuitive” were scheduled to start in August at Mitsubishi Electric offices worldwide. Mitsubishi Electric said it planned to produce 1,000 15-in. and 500 19-in. units per month. “The two additions to the company’s DIAFINE lineup have larger screens and are intended to offer additional options for a broader range of industrial applications for touch-panel screens compared to existing XGA modules ranging from 6.5-12.1 in. and WXGA modules ranging from 9-10.6 in.

For more information, contact Mitsubishi Electric at website: www.mitsubishielectric.com.

Under-Step Led Demarcation Lights

The ECS Corp. DL16G Series LED demarcation lights are intended as updates to all varieties of escalators, moving walks and cartveyors. The lights are being widely adopted across the industry as their benefits become more fully appreciated. The lights can eliminate:

  • Flickering from short-lived fluorescent tubes
  • Cracked, flimsy, plastic green hollow sleeves
  • Rusted and dangerously sharp metal fixtures
  • Ballasts containing mercury
  • Excessive cost overhead

An ECS demarcation light contains 44 bright LEDs. At 5 W per LED, this product is highly energy efficient. The products can result in significant cost savings due to reduced energy and labor costs, especially when compared to fluorescent lights. They are also durable and long lasting. The company reports a drop in call-backs and related expenses from users of the product.

The DL16G Series will not rust, and is resistant to water, dust and vibration (when using liquid-tight connections). The lights do not have sharp edges, and there is no transformer. They are Underwriters Laboratories listed 5N50 and have a one-year warranty.

In addition to the 24-V DL 16G-24 (demarcation light), 120-V DL 16G-120 (demarcation light) and LED-W6D (upgrade kit), the company offers an LED upgrade for old Magnaray W6D lights. The ECS LED-W6D upgrade kit will convert a Magnaray W6D light to an energy efficient, American Society of Mechanical Engineers-code-compliant, LED “green” demarcation light. This product is specifically designed with a light and cover plate that fits over the existing Magnaray enclosure. Installation is relatively simple, requiring approximately 15 min.

For more information, contact ECS at 2741 South 21st Street, Broadview, Illinois 60155; toll free: (800) 621-0759; phone: (708) 338-9700; e-mail: Ursulla@escalatorparts.com; or website: www. escalatorparts.com.

Thyssenkrupp Elevator’s Horizontal Iwalk

Unlike conventional moving walks, the horizontal iwalk from ThyssenKrupp Elevator is designed to fit anywhere. It is available in two design types. The pit version requires an excavated pit depth of 14 in., unlike the typical standard required depth of 4 ft. The non-pit version can be installed directly onto the finished floor and typically requires no additional construction work. Additionally, after installation, the floor-mounted version can be lengthened or shortened to suit evolving traffic patterns; alternatively, the entire unit can be relocated. Its modular design is intended to allow the iwalk to be easily retrofitted into existing buildings.

The product features a nonproprietary control system with two energy-saving options. Additionally, skirt band, combplate and directional lighting systems feature energy-saving LED fixtures. The compact, modular nature of the design offers further sustainable advantages, because it requires fewer materials to manufacture and fewer containers for transportation. It is up to 30% lighter than a conventional moving walk. ThyssenKrupp Elevator has also conducted a lifecycle assessment of the iwalk to evaluate its environmental performance.

iwalks have short transition heights between the moving pallets and stationary combplates at either end. This 1/4-in. height differential at their entrances and exits helps reduce the risk of trip-and-fall accidents; and, unlike normal moving walks, this flatter transition is far more convenient when traveling with luggage, roller boards, etc. Extended balustrade newels and ergonomic balustrade design were also applied in an effort to make the units comfortable to ride. A pallet system and efficient drive gearbox further facilitate smooth, safe travel.

The iwalk was developed by ThyssenKrupp Elevator over several years and has been successfully installed in most major markets. It is now offered in North America for new or existing airports, subways, train stations, connector pedestrian bridges and convention centers.

To see the full line of ThyssenKrupp America’s escalators and moving walks, visit website: interactivepdf.uniflip.com/2/32303/300288/pub.

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