MADE Expo 2017

Gruppo Millepiani displayed a glass elevator.

Elevator companies that attended the architectural exhibition in Milan found a wealth of opportunity.

The eighth iteration of Milano Architecttura Design Edilizia (MADE) in Milan, Italy, on March 8-11 proved to be a significant international architectural exhibition, attended by many designers and architects, primarily from Italy, but also other countries in Europe and beyond. Some 106,000 visitors attended. They were able to see more than 1,000 exhibits showing products and services supporting architecture, design and construction in eight halls covering more than 50,000 m2.

MADE enabled visitors to experience working products and demonstrations, and encouraged learning and professional development. Forums, seminars and competitions were organized to promote understanding and education through project description, design comment and face-to-face discussion.

Four saloni, or shows-in-shows, covered specific aspects of building design and construction: construction and materials; building envelope and windows; interiors and finishes; and software, technology and services. More than 160 delegates from 38 countries participated in 1,200 business-to-business meetings with exhibitors.

MADE Expo President Roberto Snaidero stated:

“The bywords at the 2017 show were quality, substance, integration and interconnectedness, because a trade fair is, first and foremost, a place where companies come to do business. The fact that so many exhibitor companies placed their confidence in MADE confirms the key role that the event plays in fostering tangible business opportunities. The market has shown its appreciation for our new format, which features enhanced content for exhibitors and visitors, alongside an increasing focus on internationalization.”

The importance of the event was clear, as the quality of visitors and company specialists was evident around the pavilions and stands. Many senior politicians, association presidents, leading architects, company executives and end users were available for discussions and interviews. The MADE press office arranged interviews and face-to-face meetings with senior government officials and industrialists, which was greatly appreciated by the members of the national and international press, including your author.

Italy’s Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Graziano Delrio observed:

“The MADE Expo is a great opportunity to talk about sustainability and innovation in construction. We have rolled out a number of tools to ensure that industry is increasingly focused on high-quality, sustainable and smart design that serves communities. In its 2017 Stability Law, the Italian government took further action to promote refurbishment. In particular, the ‘Earthquake Bonus’ offers citizens a chance to invest in leading-edge technologies and materials — which are well represented here at the MADE Expo — in order to upgrade their homes, businesses and apartment blocks. The government’s objective is for Italy’s cities to become safer and more sustainable. The Italian system is able to deliver leading-edge building solutions vital to achieving this aim.”

With this topic important to the vertical-transportation industry, the lack of elevator and escalator professionals and associations represented was surprising. Your author feels it was a missed opportunity by the industry to promote and raise the profile of the sector. Design packages and software tools were demonstrated in all halls, but none promoted the lift sector. Indeed, the chance to show the relevance of the new lift codes and standards, as well as the proposed earthquake recommendations, would have been of great interest to architectural professionals.

 The stylish nature of MADE was evident. Many exciting finishes and products that could have applications in lift cars and enclosures were located throughout the halls. Your author found inspiration in small and medium-sized companies demonstrating their skills. Materials that would allow free drainage at the bottom of a lift shaft, wall claddings that could be simply changed and branded, paint finishes, glass wall features, and much more were on display.

For future design and product possibilities, universities and research establishments presented concepts in need of partners and sponsors. Your author feels this is an area that the lift sector can develop, and it was clear that the building of software and virtual design tools holds great potential.

 It should be noted that since MADE is a biannual event, it will always clash with major lift-industry exhibitions such as Asansör Istanbul and Interlift. However, these exhibitions are primarily targeted to lift specialists, and are where installation companies and component suppliers meet and see products required specifically by the lift industry. MADE, on the other hand, focuses on architectural and project development, where complete lift systems and solutions are the main interest of design professionals and building owners.

The possibilities for the future are clear as a greater crossover between different sector technologies becomes more important. MADE represents a unique chance to see and hear about what is happening among the different sectors. Organizers of MADE Expo 2017 identified several relevant themes for this event, and your author is looking forward to seeing how these topics are taken up by the architectural sector as a whole and developed into the next set of issues.

In summing up the event, MADE stated:

“Thanks to its ever-richer and highly diversified program, MADE Expo confirms its status as a top-notch international forum for the various players involved in the building and construction supply chain. It is a place to come, meet and do business together and, importantly, a hub for all positive forces to come together and foster growth in the building sector. The show’s raison d’etre is to offer an integrated, multi-specialized approach to materials, building-construction systems, building envelopes, finishes and surfaces.”

Organizers and those planning to attend look forward to the next MADE Expo in 2019 and hope that the lift industry will promote the initiatives being implemented across Europe to a wider audience that includes professionals in the architectural and building sectors.

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