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Technology enhances gearless drive, protection and motion control; IPL platform gets a makeover.

Gearless Drive System for Elevator Doors

Siemens has extended its Sidoor range with a gearless drive system for elevator doors. The Sidoor ATE500E model introduces electronically commutated technology to the lineup, requiring less maintenance and exhibiting less wear than DC drives. The company states results are longer service life, improved energy performance and reduced operating costs. The product has rapid acceleration ramps of up to 3,000 mm/s². “Single-button commissioning” is intended to provide quick and easy setup with an “automatic training journey” to help installers avoid incorrect settings.

The motor in the drive system is compatible with doors weighing up to 280 kg and can be used in different orientations. An integral sensor unit in the motor monitors operating data for safety, and a temperature sensor records the heat generation of the drive so the motor can be operated close to its thermal load limit yet remain protected from overloading. Yet another sensor, a high-resolution magnetic unit, records information related to the angle of rotation. The position of the door is measured via an incremental position encoder simulation. In addition to an intelligent diagnostics unit additionally carrying out an automated function test prior to every journey, these features improve efficiency. Finally, a proven circuit logic provides additional protection for the electronic systems in the event of exposure to external forces.


Redesigned Inclined Platform Lift (IPL)

Butler Mobility Products has redesigned its IPL platform to achieve what the company calls “a sleek, modern look.” In addition to a curved platform control tube, the floor plate is now coated, textured and nonslip. The thickness of the folding ramp has been increased from 0.125 to 0.16 in. to provide more stability for entering and exiting the platform. The platform sides have also been redesigned to incorporate a 1/4-in.-thick solid platform side with an integrated angle bracket. The added thickness of the new plate is intended to be more durable, especially when the client is using a powered wheelchair. Since “standard” angle brackets are no longer used, every platform side is designed for a particular stairway. Having the angle bracket integrated into the platform side allows ease of installation when installing the platform, since the angle of the platform side plate is true to the angle of the stairway.

The undercarriage of the platform frame has also been modified to complement the redesigned platform sides. The frame structure has been strengthened by going from the use of a 1-1/2- X 1-1/2- X 3/16-in. angle frame to a 1-1/2- X 3/16-in. square tubing undercarriage frame. Finally, five new earth-tone colors are offered as standard.


Elevator Protection Systems

Inpro has announced Ascend™ Elevator Protection Systems, a new addition to its line of interior architectural products. The systems include the company’s Palladium® beveled edge wall panels that have a class-A fire rating and are designed to withstand the toughest abuse. The Ascend line has eight basic cab configurations, 10 handrail styles and four ceiling configurations. A patent-pending fastening system is intended to provide security without sacrificing design using a clip system for quick and simple installation.


New-Generation Motion-Control Products

Yaskawa America, Inc. has released three new motion-control products. Each device is designed to improve the performance of automation systems and to compound the improvement in system effectiveness when used in combination. The MP3300iec machine controller can make automated equipment more responsive by boosting both processing speed and memory capacity and utilizes the MECHATROLINK-III motion network for improvements in cycle time and network connectivity.

MotionWorks IEC version 3 software can make automation programming faster, easier and more effective with such features as support for PLCopen Part 4, a built-in cam editor, a human-machine interface tagging tool and an enhanced logic analyzer. The VIPA SLIO system is a remote input/output (I/O) solution that makes the addition of power and signal capability quicker and easier.   

When the machine controller, I/O system and software package are used together, MotionWorks automatically configures VIPA SLIO modules that are added to the network and the processing speed of the MP3300iec is increased to nearly double the rate of the previous generation of processors to take advantage of added features built into the latest version of MotionWorks for an increase of 50-100% in network speeds.


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