New Industrial Router and More

(l-r) A conventional light curtain versus the TOFgard

CEDES Safety Systems

CEDES will showcase two of its new safety products at Interlift, taking place on October 13-16 in Augsburg, Germany. First, the iDiscovery is a Safety Integrity Level 3 and EN 81- compliant position evaluation unit. In conjunction with CEDES’ Absolute Positioning System (APS) (ELEVATOR WORLD, January 2014), it takes over safety-relevant elevator functions and devices. These include leveling, releveling and preliminary operation with open doors, detection of unintended car movement and overspeed, retardation control and limit switches.

Information on position and velocity is acquired by the contactless APS, at a range up to 1,500 m and speed up to 20 mps. The data is passed to the iDiscovery mounted in the controller or on the car. Basic variants take over limit-switch and door-zone functions, and advanced versions can directly trigger the safety gear on the car to allow the safe connection of multiple inspection controls (as required by EN 81-20).

Second, the TOFgard is a “time-of-flight” camera sensor that extends light-curtain-style safeguarding across the entire closing face of cabin and landing doors by means of a 3D protection area. Compared to a conventional light curtain, its packaged volume is reduced by a factor of at least 40. The sensor is mounted in the lintel of the cabin door, requiring only a small cutout of metal. Additionally, a second zone monitoring the elevator entrance area can be added. A people-counting option is available for destination-dispatch systems.

New Router for North America

KEB America, Inc. has released the C6 Router for the North American market. Scheduled to begin distribution immediately, the industrial router is the latest development to KEB’s COMBICONTROL automation line of products. When partnered with COMBIVIS Connect software, the router will provide what is needed to remotely connect to machines in the field for commissioning, program adjustment and troubleshooting using KEB’s secure virtual private network connection to networked servers around the world. The Ethernet-based router comes with wide- and local-area network, USB and serial interfaces, and standard digital inputs/outputs. A cellular network option is also available.

Kings III Lone Worker Protection

Kings III Emergency Communications is highlighting lone worker safety solution SoloProtect®, which it recently acquired. SoloProtect consists of the ISO 9001 certified Identicom® device with Kings III emergency communications and monitoring to deliver a worker safety solution Kings III states is unprecedented in the U.S. Deployed by more than 120,000 lone workers worldwide, Identicom has features that include an identification badge holder that may be worn on lanyard, lapel or belt; recorded check-in capability; audio recording ability; a direct link to the Kings III emergency dispatch center; automatic man-down alert with two-way voice communication; and GPS and 3G capabilities.

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