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Compact Gearless MRL Lift/Hoist Motor

Lafert’s new machine-room-less (MRL) lift/hoist motor range is designed to provide 45-70% energy savings. The range includes motors for commercial lifts and hoists, and home lifts. The high-efficiency motor with a small-diameter sheave is one of the most compact on the market. Its size and weight advantages permit it to be installed in the lift shaft without impeding lift car travel.

The motors are permanent magnet and gearless with torque outputs of 140-850 Nm. Intended to replace hydraulic systems lifting 240-1600 kg with 2:1 roping or 320-800 kg with 1:1 roping, they can use either single- or three-phase power. Operating speeds range from 0.5 to 2.5 mps, while internal encoders ensure speed control and precise car positioning. Integral brakes comply with EN 81-11:2010 and the EN 81-1 A3 amendment. cURus brakes compliant with ASME A17 are offered as an option.

Elevator Drive Technology Advancement

Magnetek, Inc. has been awarded a U.S. patent for use on its HPV® 900AF Elevator Drive. Patent No. 9,093,937 gives the new technology the method and apparatus by which to determine position for a permanent-magnet elevator motor. The HPV 900AF is engineered for machine-room-less axial-flux disk-type motors. Its permanent-magnet synchronous axial-flux control capability and design allow for operation of disc type motors via a rider wheel located on the sheave.

Customized Gearless Drives

SICOR SpA offers 10 drives suitable for loading capacities of 320-2500 kg, including several options requested by consumers and two units specifically for home-lift application. All gearless units can be integrated with the SICORVERT, which allows customized lifting parameters. The company is also launching a new gearbox model at this month’s Interlift exposition. Its capacity is 450 kg.

Vertical Cable-Carrier System

igus® has introduced the guidelok slimline P (GLSL-P) vertical Energy Chain® cable-carrier system. Made entirely of plastic, the system is lightweight and easy to install, helping machine builders and system integrators achieve faster speed and acceleration. In elevator applications, a cable would normally travel through an enclosed, metal trough to prevent swinging, which can damage chains and cables. GLSL-P dispenses with enclosed metal troughs, instead enabling a cable to travel freely and safely between plastic brackets mounted at 2-m intervals. igus observes this can reduce energy costs by up to 80%. The fiberglass guide rail can be fitted with the plastic mounting brackets without using tools. The plug-in brackets also self-adjust to compensate for movement within the system, resulting in a quiet, smooth run. GLSL-P features two large spring-loaded locks that are pushed back as the radius of the chain passes between them, moving back into position where they grip the hanging length of chain securely in place.

Shaft Information and Control System

ELGO Electronic of Rielasingen, Germany, has released its LIMAX33 CP magnetic tape-based shaft information and control system, which it engineered for both new installations and modernizations. The product meets all requirements surrounding the determination of cabin position and the connected switching and control functions. Additionally, it is dirt and humidity resistant, will work in cases of fire or pollution in the elevator shaft, and offers high system resolution of 62.5 µm for dynamic position controls.

The system consists of a magnetic tape with absolute encoding, a presence detector for the tape and the LIMAX33 CP sensor, which determines the absolute position of the elevator cabin. The encoded magnetic tape is installed by freely suspending it in the elevator shaft using a mounting kit. The integrated safety switch serves to detect the presence of the magnetic tape. In addition, the sensor has a push/pull output function, which is switched inside the door zones of the stored floor positions to permit evacuation of the cabin in case of emergency via access in the control room. It is SIL 3 certified according to EN 61508 and applicable to units with lifting heights up to 262 m and speeds up to 10 mps. Its safety circuit input is 110 V/230 VAC. It can serve door overbridging and limit switch functions, in addition to enabling the programming of door zone lengths, with emergency and inspection limit switch offsets up to the limit values defined in EN 81.

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