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DomoFlex 2 Cappricio

In this Product Spotlight, an Italian manufacturer showcases two offerings.

AreaLift, a division of LiftingItalia, has released its redesigned screw-driven platform lift, DomoFlex 2. Based on the DomoFlex platform launched in 2015 and sold in more than 45 countries, DomoFlex 2 has completely new mechanics, car frame, door and finishes. It is available in both “closed” and “open” options for indoor and outdoor installations. Thanks to its “open” version and 1,100-mm gate, DomoFlex 2 can be installed in attics with reduced heights. It can also be installed in masonry shafts. Main features of the new DomoFlex 2 are:

  • 15-m maximum travel distance
  • No pit or masonry work required (50-mm pit)
  • 0.15 m/s speed
  • Machine-room-less
  • Single, opposite, adjacent or triple entrances
  • Ride comfort and noiseless thanks to the new “silent pack” (less than 48 dB tested)
  • Installation time: two stops/two days/two installers
  • Made of extruded aluminum (structure, mechanics casings, guide rails, push-button panel and doors)
  • EN 81-41 compliant and certified

AreaLift also offers EasyPlat, a platform lift designed to overcome architectural barriers. It is comfortable for two people standing or a wheelchair user and another person.

Platform Lifts - EasyPlat
EasyPlat external installation

The EasyPlat platform has been on the market since 2020. EasyPlat is a simple solution for all environments: a private house, a block of apartments or public buildings such as offices, shops or restaurants. It guarantees comfort and has been designed for up to 3 m safe travel distance. EasyPlat’s main features are:

  • 3-m maximum travel distance
  • Double control panels on both sides
  • The column- or wall-mounted pushbutton panel (both with wireless buttons) can be positioned where the customer wishes close to the platform.
  • Electromechanical motor with belt drive
  • Less than 30-dB noise
  • Pit not required: integrated ramp
  • CE mark in compliance to BS6440-2011 and D.M. 2006/42/CE


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