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image: Marjan Island Resort & Spa hotel from Above and Beyond

When COVID-19 was first accorded the status of a global pandemic, the most sought-after prediction was not “how” it could be brought under control but “when.” Somewhere along the line, it became obvious that this was no “one night stand.” Now, it comes with new terms, like “living with COVID” and “the new normal” included in almost every conversation.

Another term — one that had already been in existence for quite a while — suddenly found the spotlight on itself: digital. Along with variations like “online” and “virtual”, it became an integral part of every activity with all aspects of life —from work to education, payments and interactions — shifting to “digital” mode. The question was not posed on “how” to go digital, but until “when” it would become necessary to do so.

Some predicted it would be a short-lived phenomenon, while others opined that it was here to stay. When the New Year began, those who believed in the former found themselves struggling to revert to their prior methodology, as reviving the “old” normal still seems a distant dream. The “new normal” is being updated on a regular basis and shows no signs of redundancy.

With freshly discovered variants of the coronavirus constantly creating unique challenges and the realization that some other pandemic may also unexpectedly emerge in the future, digital is clearly here to stay. Those who astutely invest in it will reap huge returns going forward, while others will be continuously trying to catch up.

This issue of ELEVATOR WORLD India magazine, the first of 2022, presents perspectives on digital presence and growth. The content is an interesting mix of articles and project case studies, highlighting some of the development drivers that will play a vital role for the vertical-transportation (VT) industry this year and moving forward, as well.

As always, the beginning of a New Year is an occasion to evaluate the one that has just gone by, and to also examine opportunities that can be taken. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the scope for VT has expanded. From infrastructure projects to residence-interiors, the demand for elevators, escalators and moving walks accelerated in 2021, and 2022 should retain the pace. For those connected with the VT industry, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee!

Consulting Editor, India

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