Tecnoamerica Opens Enlarged Facility

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The Fermator Group celebrates the expansion of its Brazilian facility, Tecnoamerica, with an open house.

The Fermator Group celebrated the expansion of its Brazilian fa-cility, Tecnoamerica, with an open house held on May 13. The event was attended by visitors from Brazil, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. With newly installed equipment and a larger workspace, the company aims to increase its production ca-pacity and enhance the door manufacturing process.

Tecnoamerica Today

Construction of Femator’s Brazilian facility began in 2001 in Taubaté, an industrial city chosen for its proximity to São Paulo City. The 7,000-m2 factory that opened in April 2005 (ELE-VATOR WORLD, November 2005), with an annual manufacturing capacity of 60,000 doors, has developed into a 12,000-m2 venue. The growing facility is expected to produce 120,000 doors during the next two years. To achieve this goal, the company relies on 80 employees, the latest machinery and global technology provided by Fermator’s head-quarters located in Reus, Spain. 

Inside Tecnoamerica

The building has been extended, creating a space free of columns, with wide gates on each end. The growth has facilitated the installation of new machinery, such as punching and bending machines, a powder-painting tunnel for door panels and jambs, screening devices for packaging and the artificial viewer. This new controller, created by Fermator, scans each component and compares it with the corresponding computer drawing. The system’s goal is to avoid material defects in the manufacturing process. A scanning device is also utilized in the packaging stage to guarantee that each package contains all the necessary parts corresponding to each purchase order.

The factory layout was re-tooled for the installation of the mechanized powder-painting tunnel. The system works in continuous shifts to paint door panels and jambs. Special sol-vents are used to clean the steel surfaces before the application of powder paint. The production process flows from one end –raw-material entrance – to the opposite end – the shipping area. Then, the material follows sequential steps: punching and bending, painting, assembly of door operators and landing-door devices, packaging and shipping. Touring Tecnoamerica certified to design, manufacture and maintain door safety components. Each new lock is tested by as many as 10 million cycles. The process is audited by an external certified body.

During the tour, your reporter learned that the operator rollers are outsourced, with suppliers selected on a corporate level based on location. The electronic components and motors are manufactured in Fermator’s Reus facility. The supplier of the electronic board checks each unit before it is then double-checked at Fermator’s labs. Finally, the artificial-viewer scanning process controls the piece for possible failures. Only then are they installed in the oper-ators, which are then double-checked to ensure they cor-respond to customers’ requirements. A final operator/client record is then logged in the system for follow-up. The Celebration

Following the tour, around 300 guests, including a large number of Argentineans invited by H. Trimarchi, Fermator’s official distributor in Argentina, attended a cocktail party and luncheon held in a venue adjacent to the factory. Preceded by the projection of Fermator’s corporate video, several speakers addressed the audience. Tecnoamerica’s managers spoke of the facility’s expansion as a personal achievement and result of team effort. After five years, directors and employees reopened Tecnoamerica’s doors to accompany the growing Brazilian market com-ing into view with the 2016 Olympic Games and the 2014 Fédération Internationale de Football Association World Cup.

Eduard Amigó, commercial director for Fermator, highlighted the importance of optimism in his speech: “It is scientifically proven that positive people increase their working capacity by 70%, not only to be successful in life, but also to enjoy it.” He emphasized that at Fermator, it is important to persevere with an optimistic attitude so that drawbacks become new opportunities for finding solutions. He continued, “I can assure you that the affectionate way in which today’s event is celebrated and reflected in every detail is the same feeling and commitment invested in the daily work of every human being at Tecnoamerica.”    

Tecnolama General Director Eduard Gomis felt privileged to participate in such a day “when one realizes the sacrifice and dedication of our team and collaborators is worth-while.” However, he admitted that achieving this goal was not easy. Memories from the early days of 2006, with problems to solve and complex processes awaiting completion, “now make me feel like the happiest person to share this wonderful moment with all of you.”

Juan Ramón Gomis, general manager of Fermator, recalled that in May, 34 years ago, when his son Eduard was born he began a new project that became Fermator. He proudly pointed out that his son’s dedication and enthusiasm would ensure stability in the company’s future. As a result of its efforts, Fermator has be-come a global company to better satisfy its customers through factories and dis tributors located all over the world. Gomis continued, “In Latin America, these are propitious times that allow us to enlarge our premises and be prepared to manufacture 120,000 doors in two years’ time.” In Portuguese, he complimented Tecnoamerica’s 80 workers for their hard work and dedication.

Fermator’s presence in the world, with nine factories and a sales network organized in 80 countries, is well known. However, this event should be recognized for the warmth and attention bestowed upon all its guests. Fer-mator has proven that it is a company with a face and a soul, regardless of the ups and downs of commercial relationships.

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