Versatility, Flexibility

Two-part structural adhesives

An online tool and other components join two new MRL units.

Low-/Mid-Rise MRL

North American manufacturer AVT Beckett has released its Series II MRL, a machine-room-less (MRL) unit designed for low-/ mid-rise passenger and service applications. The company promotes it as saving time in installation and being energy efficient. Compliant with ASME A17/CSA B44, it has entrances on both front and rear, and a 2100-3500-lb. capacity. It has standard hoistway and cab dimensions and a standard cab interior that can be chosen from AVT Beckett’s range. It can be configured as simplex, duplex or triplex serving two to five floors at speeds of 150-350 fpm.


Replacement MRL Uses Existing Entrances

A renewed elevator product from KONE was launched in the U.S. and Canadian markets in January. The MonoSpace® 500 Flex delivers a full elevator replacement for low- to mid-rise buildings (up to 15 stories) in an MRL package. It reuses the building’s existing elevator entrances in remodels and modernization. It is also billed as a freer of space via its MRL technology and optional Integrated Control System, which fits inside the top landing entrance.


Hydraulic Systems Online Configurator

Lift-industry hydraulics manufacturer ALGI, of Eltville, Germany, has released online configurator algionline. This tool allows customers to customize hydraulic systems to the needs of their clients, enabling the selection of energy-efficient solutions and problem-solving equipment. Issues including high running costs, high heat, high noise levels and travel comfort can be addressed.


Structural Adhesives and Foamed Acrylic Tapes

Eurobond Adhesives Ltd. of Sittingbourne, U.K., supplies the lift, escalator and manufacturing industries with Penloc® 1:1, a two-part, fast-curing structural adhesive it says “will bond almost any metal, plastic, wood, glass, modern composite and stone in any combination.” Applications include bonding brackets, panels and push-button panels. Penloc is available in cartridges of various sizes and in non-odor and nonflammable grades.

Using new technical advances in chemistry, Eurobond also supplies a dedicated range of foamed acrylic tapes specifically for the lift and escalator industry. Its 6 Series range is available in various different widths and thicknesses and suited for door skinning, architrave work, bonding kick plates, plastic lighting panels, decorative metal mesh and chainmail-type finishes. Its 4 Series tape is clear and can be used for bonding acrylics, glass or where an invisible bond line is required, as on downlighting and diffusers.


Inline Splices and Dual Multitap Connectors

Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, has released inline splices and dual multitap connectors with insulated connections for wires and cables ranging from 14-AWG wire to 750-kcmil cable. These multitap connectors are made of a high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy prefilled with an oxide inhibitor and dipped in black high- dielectric plastisol-dipped coating. They come in two-to-six wire-port configurations that accept copper and aluminum wire. Slotted or hex screws are used, depending upon the size of the cable to which the product is applied. Its ideal operating range is from -45°C to +90°C.


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