Machines, Motors and Pumps

Electric Motors for Elevators

The first motors operated on DC. In fact, the invention of a practical DC motor long preceded Nikola Tesla’s insight that AC would offer substantial benefits. Thomas Edison and his...

A Load & Temperature Compensation Method for Green Hydraulic Lifts by Means of Inverters

This paper was presented at Elevcon USA 2012, the ­International Congress on Vertical Transportation ­Technologies and first published in IAEE book Elevator Technology 19, edited by A. Lustig. It is...

The Street Called “Asansör” and Water-Powered Elevator Installation in Izmir

by Ersan Barlas, C. Erdem Imrak, Eren Kayaoglu, Adem Candas and Yusuf Z. Kocabal Abstract Asansör (which means elevator in Turkish) is a 1907 built building in Izmir’s Karatas quarter,...

More Responsibility for Passenger Safety: A Forum on Elevator Drive Safety

In November 2011, experts from the Chinese elevator industry attended a seminar hosted by Torin Drive, a provider of elevator traction machines. On November 7, 2011, around 70 experts from...

Lockout/Tagout Can Be Required More Than You Think

A look at a fundamental safety rule service mechanics must consider when working on elevator equipment: the control of hazardous energy, more commonly known as lockout/tagout procedures. Given that this...

Steam-Powered Elevator Engines

Examining early steam-powered engines and their evolution There is, perhaps, nothing as antithetical to our conception of the modern electric elevator engine as the 19th-century steam engine. Our mind’s eye...

KEB dV/dt Elevator Chokes: Protect your Elevator Motor Investment

This article provides an explanation of the effects of high dV/dt created by variable-frequency drives and offers solutions to protect elevator motors. submitted by KEB America, Inc. During the past...

Submersible Electric Motors for Hydraulic Lifts

Choosing the appropriate motor for an elevator can allow more efficient energy use. by Ivo Busi and Fabio Calegari In recent years, the hydraulic lift, as an alternative to the...

Thunder Basin High School; image courtesy of Sampson Construction

Wyoming School Board To Consider Elevators Modernization Bids

image by Arek Socha for Pixabay

Bill Requiring Elevators in New Residential Buildings Proposed in Pennsylvania

2023 ECNY Supplier Showcase; photo by Lindsay Fletcher

ECNY 2024 Supplier Showcase Dates Announced

Notifications are conveyed via an app; image courtesy of TKE.

TKE Introduces MAX HOME for S200 Stairlift

image courtesy of KONE

KONE Showcases Robot-Elevator Integration at Copenhagen Hotel