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Focus Topic products include interactive panels, geometric lighting.

Elevator Control Panel

Wurtec has partnered with Escalade Innovative Solutions Ltd. of Israel to bring its new Intelligent Connected Elevator Panel (iCEP) to the North American elevator industry. Intended as a one-solution approach, the product is interactive and designed to have the look and feel of smartphones and tablet computers. Its depth is only 2 in. It complies with both ASME A17 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The company states the iCEP’s “telephone-like” large keypad design, high-resolution color display, and advanced software and hardware allow it to service any building with any number of floors. It features a real-time operating system with multiple failsafe mechanisms and “mission critical” reliability designed for industrial applications. It also has a two-way voice and messaging system, remote connectivity, machine-to-machine capabilities, serial communication options, load-weighing notification, on-site and remote data analysis, an independent service menu, energy-saving functions and an expandable program core (ready for additional modules and add-ons).


Wide Display for Elevators

E-Motive’s new Panorama range of multimedia elevator displays is now available from Janus Elevator Products. The “ultra-wide” LCD monitors provide customized in-car entertainment and information with a design specifically optimized for elevator use. Their aspect ratio makes use of available elevator space when in landscape orientation in the elevator transom or portrait orientation in the car front return panel. Flexible custom screen layouts can be programmed by building management to display such information as floor number, elevator direction, static or scrolling messages, synchronized floor directories, advertisements, live feeds and video clips. Screens can be configured locally using USB or remotely from a networked computer.


Square, Rectangular LED Lighting

The new S2Beam™ and aeRoBeam™ from Man-D-Tec, Inc. bring a square and rectangular design to the normally round elevator light. Unlike fixtures that adapt a square or rectangular trim to a round fixture, the entire design of this product is square or rectangular for maximum output. Featuring its TrueSquare™ technology, the company’s square fixtures provide 262 lm of delivered light from only 4 W of LED output. Its aeRoBeam is a unique rectangular design boasting an output of 573 lm per fixture from 6 W of LED output (90.4 lm/W).


Capacitive Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi Inc. has launched its Multi-Voltage CA30CLN12M Series Capacitive Sensor with Relay and Optional Time Delay Output. The products are engineered to detect solid, fluid or granulated substances and equipped with a 2-A single-pole, double-throw relay output with a time delay of up to 10 min. The company states this self-contained solution ensures robust output and sensing flexibility. It is constructed in a threaded M30 housing, and its back features up to two IP67 integrated adjustment potentiometers for adjusting the sensing distance and an optional potentiometer for the time delay.


New Intercom Hearing-Loop Module

Induction-loop manufacturer Ampetronic has released the Hearing Loop System Driver Module (HLS-DM), a new low-profile, compact hearing-loop solution for integration into such intercom applications as lifts. Designed to help hearing-aid users who struggle to use traditional systems in busy and noisy environments, the unit features metal loss correction and automatic gain control. In addition to EN 62489-1 conformity, the HLS-DM’s power and voltage headroom specifications make it compliant with IEC 60118-4. The module measures 70 X 90 mm and has a 9-mm profile and is offered in power options of 8-22 VDC, 115/230 VAC and power over Ethernet. It is also available in an IP-rated enclosure and has Class D efficiency to reduce power requirements and heat output, drawing less than 2.4 W with typical signals.


New Tool Sizes

Bondhus Corp. has added inch and metric sizes to its line of tamper-resistant tools. Sizes up to 3/8 in. and 10 mm are now available in long-arm-style L-wrenches. Torx-ended tools are also available in both this style and in screwdriver-handled tools ranging in size from TR6 to TR40. The inch, metric and Torx L-wrench style tools have a tamper-resistant feature on both their short and long arms. All Bondhus hex and Torx tools are made from the company’s Protanium® steel, which makes them up to 20% stronger than others. They also carry a lifetime warranty and feature Bondhus’ proprietary ProGuard™ finish, which, according to the company, offers five times more corrosion protection than others.


Monitoring System for NYC Requirement

Electrodyn Systems has announced the introduction a new product, MONIDOR, a door- and gate-monitoring system designed to comply with the New York City (NYC) building-code amendment taking effect on October 1 to provide for a monitoring system to prevent automatic operation of passenger and freight elevators with faulty door contact circuits (ELEVATOR WORLD, December 2013). The product uses a relay-logic design to ensure controller compatibility and ease installation. No special tools, software or programming are required to install and operate the system. Its power supply and monitoring section operate in a wide voltage range, allowing complete compatibility with both relay-logic- and microprocessor-based elevator controllers.


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