Illuminated, Clean

This electrostatic spray gun can coat any surface in TiTANO quickly and evenly.

A modern headlamp and elevator antimicrobial coating

Low-Profile Multifunction Headlamp

Streamlight’s Enduro Pro HAZ-LO headlamp is a three-AAA-battery light that can last for up to 5 hr on a set of batteries. It features two white LEDs the company calls “impervious to shock with a 50,000-hr lifetime.” The bottom (circular) light is a spot style, and the top one is a floodlight. Each has 160 lm, and, if used together in “dual mode,” produce a combined 235 lm. It includes an elastic head strap with an adjustable plastic binder and a rubber hard hat strap, also with plastic binder. A two-piece 3M Dual Lock® square is also included for strapless mounting to hard hats. Considered “Class 1 Division 1 LED Lighting” for hazardous locations, it carries many approvals and has an IPX7-rated design with 1-m waterproofing for 30 min, 2-m impact resistance and a head that tilts downward 45°.

A sample headlamp was sent to ELEVATOR WORLD for review. It seems very rugged and is easy to use with a large button on top that cycles through spot mode, flood mode, dual mode and off. The bright yellow is easy to see, even in low-light conditions, and illumination is powerful, throwing a beam 73 m (spot mode) and 20 m (flood mode). The brightness is such that temporary blindness from an accidental look at the business end can occur.

Permanent Germ Reduction Treatmentfor Elevators

UVIS UV-Innovative Solutions GmbH of Cologne, Germany, introduced its TiTANO antimicrobial coating for elevators at Interlift 2019, held in Augsburg, Germany, in October. The company claims application of the product “results in a permanent germ reduction of the treated surfaces.” Made of titanium dioxide and silver, the coating can be applied quickly via electrospraying. As the product is suitable for all surfaces, the entire elevator cabin can be treated.

“A field study confirmed that the germ-free handrails are positively perceived,” UVIS Managing Director Tanja Nickel explained. “About 91% of the respondents perceived their stay as more comfortable due to the disinfected handrails.”

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