Moving Walks at Bursaray ¨U niversite Station, Bursa, Turkey


5. Moving Walks

submitted by Begoña Flores, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Southern Europe, Africa and Middle East

Located in Bursa, Turkey, the Bursaray Üniversite Station is part of the Bursa Light Rail System project, which is considered one of the main transportation axes of the city. The system consists of two sections (A and B) and 23 stations, five of which are underground. Section C, also called the University line, has a 6.5-km-long track and features six stations, including Üniversite Station.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality (BMM), the authority behind the rail project, decided to accommodate the university station with moving walks along the tunnel that connects the entry and exit levels. In 2010, ThyssenKrupp Elevator (Turkey) was awarded a contract to supply a moving-walk system. However, due to the ongoing rail project, escalator construction had to be kept to a minimum. ThyssenKrupp Elevator chose its iwalk solution, because it can be installed with a minimum pit depth of 38 cm and placed onto an existing surface without a pit.

The installation of the iwalk systems was completed in September 2011 and enabled the contractor to save on costs. Though the system was the first such project in Bursa, the BMM is considering the installation of more iwalks throughout various parts of the city.


  • Number of units: Two
  • Length: 50 m
  • Incline: 0°
  • Pallet width: 1,400 mm
  • Speed: 0.65 mps
  • Standard: EN 115-1:2008
  • Conditions of use: Class 1

Voltage and Frequency

  • Motors: 380 V
  • Lighting: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz


  • Balustrade: Transparent rectangular safety glass
  • Decking (except under handrail profile): Satin-finished stainless steel
  • Handrail guides: Galvanized steel
  • Handrail: Black rubber steel cord
  • Skirting panels: Satin-finished stainless steel
  • Floor and combplates: Planed, grooved aluminum

Safety Control and Devices

  • Handrail speed sensor
  • Missing step/pallet sensor
  • Open machinery-space safety switch
  • Ten potential free contacts
  • Programmable circuit-board controller


  • Owner: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
  • Client/contractor: Yapi Merkezi I˙ns¸aat ve Sanayi A.S¸.
  • Consultant: Kaiser Engineering Consultancy Co. Inc.
  • Equipment manufacturer: ThyssenKrupp Norte
  • Equipment installer: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Turkey
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