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DBS60 Core

Sensor and Incremental Encoder

SICK AG provides sensor solutions for elevators, escalators and moving walks. Its SRS50 motor-feedback system features the HIPERFACE® interface for speed monitoring in elevators. An additional highlight is the DBS60 Core incremental encoder for the positioning of the elevator car in the shaft copying system. The components also reduce noise generation, and sudden load and force peaks. The resulting positive effect on the mechanics and the motor of the elevator can extend its service life and maintenance requirements.

The SRS50 high-resolution motor-feedback system uses a precise metal code disk with the largest possible distance between its two ball bearings. Absolute position indication is based on 32,768 increments per revolution and a maximum of 4,096 revolutions. It is certified to SIL2/PL d.

The DBS60 Core is a rugged incremental encoder with a diameter of 58 mm and compact mounting depth. It offers a wide range of mechanical and electrical interfaces and is intended for easy fitment into existing applications. Its solid shaft models are available with a face-mounted flange and servo flange. The hollow shaft versions are available with blind hollow and through hollow shafts for shafts up to 5/8 in. The optional shaft insulation and the shaft clamping on the back of the encoder are unique to the hollow shafts. It also features a flexible universal interface, which fits most control requirements and combines 5 V TTL and 24 V HTL. The resolution of the product is up to 5,000 pulses.

The MZT7 magnetic cylinder sensor enables quick, precise and contactless sensing of the piston’s position in compact pneumatic cylinders. It can be used in numerous applications and reliably detects the piston position in pneumatic drives. It can be mounted directly into all cylinders with standard T-slots. SICK also has an extensive range of adapters to enable the product to be used with other cylinder types. When mounted directly in the T-slot, the universal housing design compensates for the various slot dimensions from a range of cylinder manufacturers. For cylinders without a T-slot, such as round, tie-rod and profile cylinders, a range of mounting adapter accessories are available.


Cleaning Machines

Rosemor International Ltd. has launched a new escalator and moving-walk cleaning service. The company’s Rotomac ET15B now contains 15 rotating brushes of four different lengths and materials to scrub and sweep dirt into the machine and off escalator steps. A new illuminated stainless-steel control panel is built to sustain substantial usage and common misuse. The machine is still mains operated, but a new built-in battery allows for its safe removal from the steps in an emergency. Customers can purchase a complete system together or separately.

New attachments for the Rotomac are also available: the T10 has been developed to plug into it and run as the escalator or moving walk is moving for a quick clean of the horizontal part of the step. The T10i was developed for customers who did not want to clean escalators and only needed a horizontal-tread cleaning solution or for those (such as airport maintainers) who service a high number of moving walks. It incorporates the T10 on a trolley-based system.


Low-Rise Home Elevator

RAM Manufacturing Ltd. has launched low-rise home elevator STRATUS™, intended to suit economically minded customers. It has been designed and tested in North America for nearly a year and has the following benefits:

  • 800-lb. capacity
  • Unique screw-drive system with no metal-to-metal contact
  • Travel heights up to 14 ft.
  • Two-day installation time (after shaft construction)
  • Patent-pending 90º backup manual crank system


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