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Cabin protection, controllers introduced; safety brakes receive certification.

Elevator Pad Hanging Systems

Palmer Pads has introduced several new hanging systems for their elevator pads. The patent-pending Studstrip™ securely hangs pads from studs without the need for grommets or additional hardware. Studstrip pads are made from black, heavy-duty slotted webbing sewn to the top of vinyl or canvas pads. Palmer Studstrip eliminates time-consuming grommet measurements with durable 5/8-in. stud slits spaced 1-in. apart. Rand Goddard, vice president of Sales & Marketing for Palmer Pads, states:

“For anyone who has ever had to measure for grommet locations for pads, this product is a welcome addition. Trying to measure the grommet locations while the elevator is in service, on a small ladder with a tape measure and people coming and going, can be a nightmare. Studstrip allows the customer to provide us with just the height of the elevator and wall widths, and they are done. It is quick, easy and all but eliminates measuring mistakes.”

In addition, Palmer has developed the Perma-Hook™. This new system hangs elevator pads from raised wall panels using an integrated, patent-pending system. Perma-Hook is designed to make pads easier to install, uninstall and store. The hooks are permanently attached to elevator pads using a patent-pending straddle feature with locking fastener design.

Finally, Palmer has developed a system to protect elevator door jambs. Its Elevator Entrance Protection Kits (EEPKs™) are made from Palmtuff® vinyl elevator padding and designed to protect elevator door jambs from dents and scratches. Each EEPK includes two side-door jamb pads and an elevator header pad. They are easy to install and provide unobtrusive protection for stainless steel and enamel-coated door frames. The low-profile hanging system uses Velcro® adhesive-backed loop and mating hook fasteners to quickly secure the pads to the door frames and header without getting in the way of tenants, furniture movers, maintenance workers or construction crews. Extra adhesive-backed fasteners are included for multiple installations.

Analog Input Solid-State Proportional Controllers

CARLO GAVAZZI Inc. has launched its new Single Phase RGx1P Proportional Output Controller. It does not require conversion of the analog output from measuring or monitoring devices to a discrete signal as a typical solid-state relay does. Upon input from an analog signal, the product calculates and delivers the necessary output power without the need for an additional interface device. All devices in the RG series are equipped with user-selectable switching modes to address different application requirements. They also feature advanced full-cycle control for short-wave infrared heaters, phase-angle switching mode for resistive heaters, light dimming and speed control of AC fans and soft starting for heating elements with low cold state resistance.

Typical applications include (but are not limited to) proportional control of resistive heating elements and speed of AC motors, control of short-wave infrared heaters in semiconductor equipment or the intensity of incandescent lighting. Specifications of the series are as follows:

  • 660-VAC output voltage rating
  • 15-63-A switching for RGC1P contactors
  • 50-90-A switching for RGS1P solid-state relays
  • Options for 4-20-mA or 0-10-VCD, 0-5-VDC, 1-5-VDC or potentiometer inputs
  • Seven user-selectable switching modes: phase-angle switching, four types with full-cycle switching and two types with soft-start switching

Safety Brakes for EN 81-20 and -50

Mayr GmbH + Co. KG is using its safety brakes to fulfill the new European elevator standards EN 81-20 and -50. The company has received a prototype inspection certificate by TÜV SÜD for all affected elevator brakes according to Directive 2014/33/EU, which will become binding for manufacturers to follow in April. EN 81-50 places further requirements on the prototype inspection of the braking equipment as part of ascending car overspeed protection means and against unintended car movement. Mayr brakes meets these requirements and are equipped with a patented noise damping system. On noise-optimized designs, switching noises are practically nonexistent and lie below 50 dB(A).

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