The M-C-K Automatic Safety

By Dr. Lee Gray | October 1, 2020

This History article investigates an interlock for use on operator-controlled doors designed to prevent the car from moving if the doors were open and to prevent them from being opened if the car was not at the landing. by Dr. Lee Gray, EW Correspondent The 1963 ELEVATOR WORLD Industry Index, in addition to including an…

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Price Versus Cost of Stainless-Steel Elevator Sills

By Plymouth Engineered Shapes | October 1, 2020

Warrenville, Illinois-based company details advantages of a tougher material in this Product Spotlight. submitted by Plymouth Engineered Shapes When an elevator is out of service, the minimum cost to replace a sill or repair the doors from a damaged sill will include the sill replacement cost; service cost of the local elevator service provider; and,…

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Monitoring From the Outside in

By Dan Bryant, Marty Blackmon | October 1, 2020

Exploring predictive remote monitoring on doors and related sensors by Dan Bryant and Marty Blackmon Doors and Monitoring Equipment Explained Elevator doors and the equipment for automated control come in all shapes and sizes. This article will focus on automatic horizontally sliding doors (ignoring vertically sliding doors on freight elevators) and the outside observer (outside-in)…

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Open Wide

By Jose Vilchez | October 1, 2020

Freight elevator modernization included replacement of huge doors, the likes of which most mechanics will never encounter. Elevator modernizations almost always pose unique challenges. Current products are not always a direct replacement; field staff typically are not familiar or trained on every type of modernization possible; and there are the unknowns. Modernizing a true freight…

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All Sills, All the Time

By Kaija Wilkinson | October 1, 2020

New Jersey-based Archi-Tread finds success with a niche product. by Kaija Wilkinson A sill is a small elevator component — typically no more than a few inches wide and approximately 1 in thick — but this component has a vital role in the operation of an elevator. Sills are found in every elevator entrance and…

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3D Radar Light Curtain

By Matt Davies | October 1, 2020

Research combines tested technology for this “smart” system. by Matt Davies Infrared (IR)-based light curtains have been the accepted way of protecting passengers from closing elevator doors since the 1990s. However, over the last five years, there have been numerous tradeshow exhibits with new and exciting technology purporting to render light-curtain technology obsolete. More recently,…

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Figure 1

A Look at Door Safety

By Muharrem B. Çakırer | October 1, 2020

Stricter regulations may be in the future, but now is a good time to review existing rules. by Muharrem B. Çakırer It has been said, “The rules in aviation are written in blood,” and this saying from the aircraft industry can be adapted to the elevator industry. For example, last year, a university student pushed…

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An Apparatus for Measuring Velocity, Deceleration and Stopping Distance of Escalators and Moving Walks

By Yihui Ruan, Yucheng Qin, Baosheng Tang, Liang Ye and Mingtao Chen | March 1, 2013

by Yihui Ruan, Yucheng Qin, Baosheng Tang, Liang Ye and Mingtao Chen It is estimated that 2.5% of all escalator stops lead to passenger falls, which can cause injury, and, in extreme cases, lead to multiple passenger falls. Emergency-stopping criteria for escalators are twofold and conflicting: to stop the escalator within a specified distance, yet…

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Methods for the Safety Integrity Determination of an Electric/Electronic/Programmable Electronic System

By A. Mutu, Y. Pang, J. van Vliet and G. Lodewijks | March 1, 2013

by A. Mutu, Y. Pang, J. van Vliet and G. Lodewijks This paper was presented at USA 2012, the ­International Congress on Vertical Transportation ­Technologies and first published in IAEE book Elevator Technology 19, edited by A. Lustig. It is a reprint with ­permission from the International Association of ­Elevator Engineers (website: www.elevcon.com). This paper…

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