COVID-19 Product Spotlight and Resources


An Introduction to Industry Solutions

Over the course of a year, we have observed a new world where everything seems a little more dangerous — dangerous to breathe and dangerous to touch. The coronavirus pandemic has infiltrated so many facets of our human existence. It has dealt a huge blow to global economies; affected employment around the world; and forced us to think about who we associate with and for how long and at what distance. For the elevator industry, it has meant a renewed focus on cleaning and disinfecting and using technology to create a safer environment.

With the advent of COVID-19, elevators went from the safest means of travel in the world to stress-filled small cubes. Mustafa Kavukcu, in his July 2020 ELEVATOR WORLD article “Elevator Usage Instructions in the Framework of COVID-19”, says it all: “Of the many stressful spaces in a coronavirus-stricken city, elevators are among the most fraught.” COVID-19 has made everyone aware that elevators (particularly in highly trafficked buildings) will be packed. There will be no way to keep “social distance,” and you will have to touch things that many other people have touched. Inventors in our industry (and in others) have been hard at work developing products to ease passengers back into elevators and onto escalators. Their ingenuity is on display in this COVID-19 Product Spotlight & Resources special advertising section.

From UV-C sanitizing solutions and touchless interfaces to holographic technology and antimicrobial air treatment, the elevator industry has spent the past year innovating, and in this section, we are able to share with you some of the latest products on the market. Solutions from the following companies are on display:

  • Cabworks Custom Elevators
  • EEA solutions Inc.
  • Wavesafely
  • Elevator Interior Design
  • Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.
  • Stanley Innovations
  • Neonode
  • Eklund’s
  • Schaefer Elevator Components Inc.
  • Columbia Elevator
  • PFlow
  • SCS Elevator Products, Inc.
  • Vantage
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